There may be a few more products and accessories you will need to use our products. To avoid raising suspicion (regarding your package) we do not stock, sell or ship these products ourselves. It is worth noting that your local drugstore/pharmacy would most likely stock these products but for added discretion we suggest using these links to acquire ancillaries and extras.

Note: We are in no way affiliated with the below listed companies and have only included this section for your convenience.

For Oral Powders (Anabolics & SARMs)

Key to the correct us of oral powder is accurate measurement.

We suggest using a Micro Scoop if you are only planning on using our products once or if you are on a budget.

Buy Micro Scoops Here

If you are planning on using oral powders for an extended period or if you are buying in bulk and intend to resell we suggest investing in a Milligram Scale. They are relatively affordable and offer unparalleled accuracy.

Buy a Milligram Scale Here

For Peptides

Peptides are simple to administer but you will need some a few ancillaries before you can use them.

Bacteriostatic Water

To hydrate the freeze dried powder before injecting it.

Get it Here


Please ensure you use the correct procedures when administering injections.

Get it Here

Alcohol Prep Pads

To disinfect the target area before administering the injection.

Get it Here