Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do you only accept Crypto currency?

The legal landscape concerning research chemicals is ever changing. Compounds which are free to trade today may be deemed illegal tomorrow. As such we like to keep our customer’s anonymity in tact as products we sell may have legal ramifications in future.

  • What’s the easiest way to pay in Crypto currency?

If you are not yet using Crypto currency please refer to our guide on how to get started or on how to make once off payments using Crypto currency.

  • Where do you ship?

Anywhere and everywhere.

  • Why do we use a flat rate for all our shipping?

We employ stealth shipping tactics meaning your package carries no identifiable seals, logos or descriptive text. What’s more, our products also carry no descriptive labeling, this means that even in the rare case your package get seized there is no way you will be implicated by the contents thereof.