We source our products from 3 different labs (based in the US, UK & Asia). We do tho this so that we can ensure that our customers receive the best quality products at competitive rates. All our partner labs further meet he following strict criteria;

  • ISO compliant (FDA required),
  • Internal QMS (Quality Management System),
  • IHR and IEQAS certified,
  • Regular and periodic external QA inspections.

*We further buy sample products from our partner labs which we use for personal research.

How Orders Are Processed

Once we receive your order, our UK based office and warehouse queries our partner labs to find stock to fulfill your order. Labs are chosen are proximity and current prices (yes, we ship internationally). Using this integrated network of suppliers your order is processed and shipped within 24-hours (you’ll receive a tracking number via email).

If you have any questions regarding our partner labs, UK based warehouse and office or would like to learn more about our integrated supply chain please contact us at support@ironclad.flywheelsites.com.